Thursday, September 16, 2010

Show me your creative space!

In honor of being creative I'd like to share my "studio" space with you. It's not much but it's where I do my work.  These pictures were taken a couple weeks ago when I went on a cleaning frenzy. It's very easy for me to explode all over the place and cover all surfaces with fabrics and my various projects, and it happens fast! My carpet will forever have threads embedded into it, and the bottoms of my socks are always covered with thread.

The desk is from Ikea, the green table by the door was my aunt's record table when she was a girl. I refinished and painted it myself. The white wicker plant stand was my grandmother's. I hope to clean it up one of these days and paint it. Next to that is a cute little wicker and wood children's hamper that I found at the Petaluma antiques fair. Behind the desk by the wall is my collection of fabrics, which is growing... I might have to stop when I run out of room.

Now for the fun part! I want to see and share your "studio" or creative spaces! If you email me some decent quality well lit photos of your space I'd love to share them here! It can't hurt to be inspired! Tell us a little bit about it and how you like to use your space. I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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