Monday, September 20, 2010

Studio tour #1 Turquoise Dream!

Today's studio tour comes to us by way of my good friend Teresa. She is a Stampin' Up rep and an all around creative genius when it comes to making fabulous things with paper! Not to mention she is an interior designer running her own business, a mother to two awesome boys, a wife and a great friend. I can admit I'm a little jealous of her awesome creative space, her boys even have a little desk of their own so they can hang out with her while she is in there.

She recently redid this room, it was originally a playroom but I like it much better now. Most of the pieces of furniture in the room were already owned so she didn't have to go out and get much for this redo. She installed towel rods on the wall to hang the plastic cups of creative goodies and there is a magnetic circle underneath the paint where the little canisters stick to the wall.

Having things out where you can see them is important and she came up with a great and attractive way to see all of her stickers and ribbons in one place.

Her main work space is an old working drafting table.

I love this craft studio and would love to squirrel myself away in there for hours at a time.  If you would like to take advantage of Teresa's awesome skills you can find her here.

If you would like your own studio space featured on The Next Day is Someday please send me an email with some pics!

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Erin said...

Wow...totally jealous! I'm happy to have a plastic folding table for my sewing machine! Someday...