Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blue Moon Stew ~ what I'm listening to

Have you ever had a moment when it sort of felt like the stars alligned and everything was perfect? Tonight is that night for me. It's a completely ordinary night, nothing special, but at the same time it is. I came home excited to make a delicious beef stew and set about to making it after changing my clothes from work. I put on Pandora and set it to my She&Him station. Have you ever wondered if your Pandora station can read your mind? I feel like that tonight! The music has been so perfect I downloaded half of what I heard and already made a cd from it. As I was searing the meat for the stew I realized I had forgotten to buy a bottle of beer for the recipe. I ran down to the corner liquor store and bought a bottle of Blue Moon. Mostly because it was the cheapest but I'd also heard good things about it from friends. I poured half of it into the stew and decided that even though I'm not a beer drinker I'd see if I could drink the rest of the bottle. Um, it's delicious beer! I think it's my new favorite for sure! Now, this was no standard size bottle of beer so drinking half of it was enough to get me nice and relaxed and happy. If you decide to try it, you are supposed to drink it with an orange slice in it, I didn't have that tonight but next time I have one I will for sure!
I love the playlist I made so much I want to share it with you!

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I couldn't find all of the songs I liked but this is the majority of them. Enjoy!

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