Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have something to say about technology. 
I have a piece of crap phone that I've had for over four years. Yes I want a smart phone (desperately) but it's not in the cards right now. When it is, I will get one. In the meantime, the piece of crap still works so I'll keep on using it.
I realized that smart phones bring a lot of convenience to people's lives but cell phones in general also bring a lot of aggravation and inconsiderate actions into our daily activities.
Having worked retail I am definitely more sensitive to this, but how does anyone think it's not rude to walk up to a register (where a real live person is waiting to help you) on your phone. The person in front of you deserves your undivided attention even if it's just for a few moments. Tell the person on the phone that they need to hold on, or better yet end the call before you get to the register! If you are looking for spit in your coffee or horrible retail karma, then keep on doin that! 
Ok, now back to my phone and other newfangled gadgets... I get teased for having a piece of crap phone. I get it, it's funny, haha. Did anyone ever stop to think that those of us that don't have a smart phone either; a) don't want one, b) can't afford one, or c) care about the environment and don't feel it's wise to add a cell phone to the landfill until it's absolutely necessary? Or any other number of reasons?
I also don't have a flat screen TV, I still watch VHS tapes on occasion, I don't have a DVR, or a massive cable package either. The TV I have in my room still has a VHS player and I have to have a tape in it to even keep the TV on! Sometimes you would think I was committing a sin against who knows who because I don't have the latest and greatest things! It's not a crime to not have the newest technological gizmos! I choose to spend my money on other things that fulfill me rather than technology. And quite honestly if I had the option tomorrow to get a better cable package and a DVR I don't think I would. The time I do spend in front of the TV would triple and I would be chained to my DVR like a prisoner that has to watch all of their shows. Yes, I watch TV, and I have my favorite shows. But I choose to watch the shows that I really like, not the ones that are average.
This is just my little ol' opinion. If having these things really floats your boat and you have the funds to purchase them, then by all means please do so! The things I have work just fine for me right now. I'll get a new TV for my bedroom when the time is right, and when I do finally get a smart phone you can bet your ass I'll be on here telling you how excited I am about it. But I still won't let it get in my way of having pleasant interactions with the general public when I do...

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