Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today was terrarium day!

Today I took my terrarium class at ACME! You might remember this post where I first mentioned them. It was a quick little class but it was nice. It was actually mostly little girls so it was a bit different than I expected but I enjoyed it all the same. We dove right in and got started, it's actually a pretty simple process. Messy, but simple and definitely a personal one, as you can make your terrarium look like you want it to. 

Building it from the bottom up. First is a layer of small rocks, then moss.

Sorry the color is so distored in these first two images. I had a hard time with the light.

This is the display behind their counter.

I love the bunting!

I have this fabric! I was excited to see it!

Vintage mushroom, so cute!

Ok, this is my finished terrarium! Aren't the mushrooms so cute! It's like it's own little mini woodland. I'd love to get shrunk down to teenie tiny and go exploring in there!

Can't you just picture a little stream running through there?

All in all, a great experience! Thank you ACME for the opportunity!

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