Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh Boy! A Contest!

Pretty sure this image is from Creative Mint
Ok readers, I need a name for my style. My boss at Paper Source keeps calling it homespun something or other but the word homespun just conjures  up images of Amish people. I have nothing against the Amish, in fact they make some of the most beautiful objects I've seen. Getting off topic...
my style can easily be described as Anthropologie-esque but I'd rather have a name for it that doesn't include the name of my favorite retailer.  This name needs to combine my personal style, decorating style, crafting and sewing styles as well as my lifestyle. I know, that's a lot.  I love a combination of modern lines mixed with antiques and bright colors. I like the word "boho" to describe a portion of my style. I love nature inspired things and the juxtaposition of old plank wood with leftover bits of paint on it and more modern things. I love things handmade and vintage.
So, the person to come up with the best name for it will win a prize! I just now came up with this contest idea while sitting at my desk eating lunch so I don't have any pictures of what you'll win. I'm thinking a custom cup cozy with your name and drink embroidered on it. Like this, but better.
So, if you need help go through my posts and see what you can come up with. Leave comments with any questions you might have for me. When you have a final suggestion please put "final answer" in your comment. Today is February 23rd, I think I'll keep the contest open for one week. You have until March 2nd. GO!!


Emily said...

Cozy Boho. Or, if you like using made up words: Cobohozy. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

Homespun cottage

Ariadna said...

Congratulation for your blog, i love boho-chic. I follow it.