Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Just an update

Good morning friends!
I'm so sorry for the major blogging silence as of late. My life has just gotten progressively busier this year. I do have some fun projects to share with you but they aren't quite ready to share just yet, hopefully that peaks your interest just a bit!
One way to keep up with me and what I'm loving is to follow me on Pinterest. As previously mentioned it's awesome! It can be a real time suck but it can also be a fun and quick way to see what is floating around the blogging and image world of the web. I have a button just over there ---------> see it? You can click on that to get to Pinterest. Here are just a few images I've pinned to my boards lately.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I'm sorry, he is so yummy...

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I want the above earrings and tunic to wear together! Swoon!

How adorable would this be for a wedding invite?

I love this little gal! This image makes me want to go back to childhood and dress up.

I still can't figure out how to get the links to center, if anyone has any tips on that I'd appreciate it!
One new project I'm working on right now is for Lululemon Athletica. They have a store just two doors down from Paper Source. They have these flip boards in their stores that share lots of information about their company, their manifesto, and everything from healthy living tips to local yoga studios. I recently finished my first two, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!

I stitched the image you see in the background. It's their logo. Each card of information is also stitched.

I am really happy with how these lovely ladies turned out. If only I looked like they do! Well, not the aqua and red, but the rest...

It's hard to see the details in these pictures, I took them in the store because I forgot to when I still had them at home. I used a white pencil to add the lines around each bit of info. The concept behind it was sort of like the drafting/sketching that happens at the inception of a project, but this was for the company.

Between working my two jobs I've been sewing when I have time, I'm co-planning a baby shower and doing what I think is a pretty good job of keeping my house and my bedroom pretty neat and organized. Which is usually a job in itself!
I sincerely hope you are doing well!


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