Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My latest project...

After making many things for other people, or to sell, I'm finally making something for myself! I've had this fabric sitting around for over a year and I was recently struck with an idea so I decided to use it. It's slow goin because I'm always so busy but I've been chipping away at it and am making progress.

It's going to be a pinwheel quilt, I've never done one before. It's not difficult, just time consuming. Each pinwheel is made with four half-square triangles. Accuracy is important with these because it'll look wonky if the corners don't match up.

I usually like to get things done in groups but I couldn't help putting together at least one block so I could see how they come together.
I'm excited to finish it!


yogamama said...

Oooohh....that's going to be pretty

Patty said...

Pretty! I love pinwheels!