Sunday, October 2, 2011

Two fun days!

This weekend I got to do a couple things I've had planned for months, the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park and a trip to the Napa Valley for a fall release party at a winery one of my besties is a member at in Yountville. And we finally got to eat at Ad Hoc!
Having never been to the festival before I didn't know what to expect but I really enjoyed myself! It was a beautiful day in the city and I had such a nice time. The two acts I wanted to see were M. Ward and Robert Plant and the Band of Joy. The rest of the day we just checked out some of the other acts.

I thought this little guy was so cute. He made friends with us and stole our sunblock out of my bag and tried to eat some of my banana.

That is Robert Plant...

When we go to Napa we tend to taste at the same places because we've found good ones that we like. My friends took me to one they've been to that is excellent that I had never visited. I love when they take you out into the vineyard and you can taste the grapes right off of the vines. This place is called Paradigm, you need to go there.

One of our favorites... Grgich

At the fall release party. We ate super yummy food here... brick oven pizzas, fruit, cheese and some rocking cupcakes!

Ok, so this might have been the most awesome part of the day. We at at Ad Hoc. You have to make reservations at this place way in advance, like months. It is one of Thomas Keller's restaurants in Yountville. I've now eaten at two of his restaurants there, the other being Bouchon. Both excellent and so different from each other. The last one I'll need to eat at is French Laundry. Not likely to happen any time soon...

See those big fat pieces of bacon?!?

We did the wine pairing as well, this was a wonderful rose from Germany.

Fig stuffed pork loin...

Yummers... the polenta cake with a sliver of that garlic clove and a slice of that tomato... so good...

My mouth was in heaven... goat cheese spiked with just a little truffle and then drizzled with honey

Carrot cake cupcakes...

Um, that's a lot of wine. See that little tiny yellow box in the middle, yah, that one is mine.

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