Friday, January 13, 2012

Hello there

Boy oh boy, it sure has been a long time since I've blogged about anything! I've been a very busy bee and haven't felt all that inspired to share too much, or really I just haven't had much time! I haven't gotten any crafting done since before Christmas, and really only two small projects since before November. I did spend part of a day last week cleaning up my crafting corner so I'll hopefully be inspired to work on something soon. I started just laying out a quilt on paper a few nights ago so that will be up next. I also have another one I've been working on for a while that needs to be finished.
So what's up with me? This last week and a half or so I've had a cold which just doesn't seem to want to hit the road. While my mind is nice and sharp and ready to go, my body is telling me otherwise. I have exercising to do, and crafting to do and I'm just not up to it yet. Sooo, I'm sitting here on my couch, writing to you.
The last several months have been very reflective ones for me. I have some big news that I haven't shared here yet, and it's a little bit stale at this point because it's about four months old but nonetheless, I share it now. Well, after a bit of background first... If you have been reading my blog for a while now, or know me personally you know that I've gone through some, shall we say... less than pleasant stuff. One of the biggies being getting laid off. It happened in December of 2008 and it really changed my life. In a huge way. I spent several years being fully or partially unemployed and it became my new normal. The dream and wish of having a real "grownup" job seemed so so far away and so impossible. A couple years ago I had an informational interview at an architectural and design firm and absolutely fell in love. I held on to that and kept in touch with the owner, and low and behold after all the heartache of losing a job I found one in the field I'm trained in and with the company I really wanted to work for. I've been there since early September and am really enjoying it. Right now I'm part time and I wear lots of hats and have many responsibilities and I love it! I'm working on a residential design project right now and I'm learning so much each day.
The day I got word that they wanted to hire me was unreal. It all happened very fast and as I drove home after the interview I had this overwhelming feeling and couldn't help but cry. Unless you've been unemployed you can't even begin to understand the feeling. I'd be willing to say that of the disastrous things that have happened to me the loss of gainful employment caused longer lasting pain than the end of my marriage. I thought to myself, "I made it, I got through all the crap and made it out the other end!" I just really couldn't believe it was finally happening!
I'm still hesitant to tell the world about it because I'm afraid it'll go away. I actually didn't even want to tell people about it after I got word but eventually I had to spill my news.
It's been an eventful several months. I continue to work at Paper Source, because I love the people I work with and the company, I'm there just a few days a week.
I've been pretty conservative with things even with the new job but just about two weeks before Christmas I finally bought myself something that I had been absolutely dying for. I replaced my really old piece of crap flip phone with a brand spankin new iPhone. It took me a long while to finally be ok with getting one. Now that I have it I absolutely love it. I knew it would change my life and make things so much more convenient and boy has it. It's amazing, and I'm sure I haven't even used it to half of it's potential yet.
Two of my favorite aps are Words with Friends and Instagram. If you're not familiar with Instagram it's a photo ap that can take and alter your images to look different. Here are just a few that I've taken...
Now that my life just might have some regularity as far as my schedule goes I hope to get back to blogging more regularly! I have big plans for the blog and for my creative business, I just need to get it started! I think though, that today I will just do some cleaning and maybe even work on a quilt! Happy Friday!

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