Thursday, May 17, 2012

New shower decor

Hello all! I haven't blogged in a long time because every time I try I seem to have difficulty with Blogger. I just figured out that my computer at work seems to be fine with it, but not my computer at home. Not sure why. So I'm just dashing off a quick post because I need your opinion! I've been wanting to redo my bathroom decor for years and am finally able to think about it. I have a picture I keep going back to in my mind but I don't have access to it at work so we'll have to make due.
I know I want to get a wall decal that says "get naked" to put on the wall. Something sort of like this.
I also know I want to get these wall vases, I've been wanting them forever!
I will not be painting any of the walls in the bathroom so the color will need to come from the shower curtain, art, towels and floor rugs.  When I decided I wanted to redo my bathroom for some reason the color scheme of coral and brown came to mind, not really sure why, but I can't find any shower curtains that have those colors without being ugly old lady shower curtains. The old lady isn't ugly... just the shower curtains. So after scouring the Internet these are a few I like and could build a new bathroom around. I'm going for fun and fresh.

This was a scheme put together by Making it Lovely and she even had my vases in there! I like that this one has a matching rug. The odd thing is that my current bathroom scheme has orange as a pretty major part of it and all of these curtains have orange in them! The current scheme is multi colored with orange and bright blue towels. The shower curtain is a bunch of circles in different colors.  I could get pink and navy towels, that would be a departure from what I have now...

I don't know that any of them really speak to me. I'm just not finding something that screams "me me me!" Any suggestions for other places to look?

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