Thursday, December 18, 2008


When I was home last weekend my mom made some delish soup for me to take home. I've actually eaten all of it as of today. It's got ground turkey and some sausage in it too. Beans and carrots and pasta, oh my! I just want to highlight the wonderful bowl that it's being served in. I love this bowl! My sister got this for me last year and I hadn't really used it too much until now. I gave away my chili bowls and this has moved on in to fit that function. I eat my oatmeal and cereal and soup out of it. I just keep washing it over and over. It's called a Buddha bowl. Here is the website to see it. I think that someday when I have money again I might buy a couple of these in different colors. I definitely like the aubergine, buttercream, snowpea and pacific. I wish they had a truer red.

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