Thursday, March 12, 2009

A development at work

So something pretty cool happened at work today. I finally got to sit down with the owner of the company and the CFO. We talked about what kind of role they see me in. The company doesn't have any kind of green program in place for the office or for the work we do. They would like me to spearhead greening the office as well as green initiatives for the construction projects that we do. It sounds like they also want to redo their website and would like me to work on finding someone to do the work.
I'm starting to get used to the people there and to the way they do things. I think once I really get into the swing of things it'll be good. The people are really nice and the owner is a really good guy.
Oh- and we even talked about the problem with the air quality in the office and they agreed that it's a problem and something we can try to address!

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