Saturday, August 22, 2009

The cutest little pups ever!

Today I got to meet two of the cutest dogs ever! Andy is an 8 week old long haired dauschund and I forget the other one's name but she is 8 months old and is the most beautiful color of gray, even her eyes are a gray color. They were so cute and so sweet! When we left, the baby sat at the front door and whined/cried because we were leaving, it was the cutest little thing ever! I just wanted to pack him up in my purse and take him home!

How could you look at this face and not melt?

Mom was making funny noises at her and she was really intrigued.

It's kind of funny, she is sort of bald on her neck and chest, her hair is just really thin. But she is the most beautiful color of gray!