Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I was in Anthropologie the other day and I couldn't resist buying the most delicious smelling candle. Around this time of year I usually like warm and cozy candles that smell of baking pumpkin bread and spices. This one smells nothing like that but smells of a damp forest and sandalwood. I love it. I immediately came home and looked up the company online. After reading more about them I fell even more in love.

This is copied and pasted directly from their website...

Margo's production studio is housed in an industrial loft space in the middle of chicago, with a great skyline view from the industrial windows. inside her space is a former recording studio, which couldn't be more fitting, being a music fanatic!

Margo finds inspiration from things that are old and have a history or a story, and is inspired by modern design and independent artisans. an avid anglophile, she absolutely adores London, the led zeppelin + the beatles
[if only there was a time machine!]
a longtime fan of industrial + machine age design, british design, vintage modern + creating atmosphere, she is constantly inventing and dreaming of new products for tatine. on any given day you might see piles of fragrance oils on her desk, vintage style aprons covered in candle wax, tear sheets from magazines, and press samples of new creations in development. Other inspirations - the look and smell of city cement, tree lined streets wet with recently fallen rain and the changing of the seasons (autumn being her favorite with leaves falling all around). margo tries to capture real aromas from nature, from plants, flowers, trees, and the earth in her creations. she is inspired by music, her sister, her husband and her beloved 17 year old kitty lester, named after leicester square.
favorite musician; jimmy page.
favorite beatle; george harrison.

She sounds like such a cool person! I'd love to meet her! I think my sister would find her especially cool too!

You can find more about the company on their blog!

The box is too beautiful to throw away... sorry for all the pictures. I couldn't resist and I'm working on my photography skills.

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Ingrid in Bj! said...

Sounds amazing. Thanks for filling in the details. Going to check these candles out now.