Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time management and sanity

Hi Everyone!
After so much going on every week life finally caught up to me and I needed to stop what I was doing and re-evaluate things. Sometimes when you feel like you've lost control of  your life the only place to start is to take control over what you can. In my case it was time. I needed to think about how I use the time I have. I keep pretty busy with the two jobs and often work six days a week. I've been having trouble managing my time and the minutia of daily life. Laundry was piling up and the only things in the fridge were not very appetizing, or edible probably. Since Mother's Day is near I feel the need to say I really don't know how moms do it. Especially the ones who work full time! I can barely find time to take care of little ol' me and you all take care of an entire family and household!

So to regain some semblance of control I decided I needed to simplify things. That way when I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off I don't add to the stress by having to deal with a monster mess of a closet. Organization is the key! I spent me evening yesterday getting groceries, meal planning and the biggest accomplishment of all, I really got into my closet and organized the crap out of it! I was in there until 11:30 last night and it felt so good to get it done! My bedroom often looks like a tornado went off and today it is so nice and neat! I still have some work to do with a few dresser drawers but I made a lot of progress. I didn't dilly dally and I kept facebook to a minimum while I was getting the job done. I think one of the keys to better time management is staying off of the computer and keeping the tv off. It's easier to get a job done when you're bustin out the tunes too!

I know we all go through stress and days or weeks when it feels like life is spinning out of control. It's amazing how just cleaning and organizing can bring things back to a manageable level. I now have a nice and neat bedroom and creative space. I've been feeling a little creatively stuck lately and now that I have a great space to work in I'm hoping the creative juices will be back shortly.

When life is challenging you how do you regain control? Do you have a system for getting groceries and meal planning done?  How do you handle the minutia of daily life without sacrificing the things that feed your soul?  I'd really love to hear from you what your strategies are!  I hope you'll leave a comment!

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Ozgirl said...

Oh my - this has been my life for the past few weeks as well.

I have no food in my flat and it has been this way for a month! I just realised this morning that I have has one meal at home in two weeks. I need to seriously stop and get of the roundabout of life!

Part of my issue is i decided a little time ago to say yes to every social situation and that means i was up til 1am last night having had to bake for an event tonight when I had accepted an invite to go out last night... silly me. One lesson i have learnt is to not tell people what I am cooking as I could have made something a lot simpler!