Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's a yellow Valentine's Day!

Some parts of Valentine’s Day make me want to barf but I do my best to ignore those parts. Let’s just say if I ever get a big white stuffed teddy bear holding a heart box of candy it’s likely that man won’t be around for another Valentine’s Day. Some people ignore it altogether; saying it’s just a Hallmark holiday. This year I’ve decided to celebrate the love I have for my friends and family and what better way to do so than with a yellow Valentine’s Day! Yellow is the color of friendship so that is what my theme was this year. Plus I am really into it lately and it’s such a sunny happy color, perfect for these winter months!
I’ll just start by saying that while the color choices, execution and cuteness of these cards is all me, I did sort of borrow the idea from a card I saw featured on Design Sponge, which was linked to this shop on Etsy. There, I said it, the original idea was not mine. I just liked it so much I decided to use it! I carved my own stamp and used Paper Source cards and envelopes. I will say that I did come up with the sentiment inside, that’s all me. I’m super happy with how they came out!
I also decided to make heart shaped sugar cookies that kept with my yellow V-day theme! I packaged them in little craft paper bags with two of my favorite colors; yellow and aqua blue! Sadly, the bags turned out better than the cookies, I’ll never use Martha’s sugar cookie recipe again, the dough is just too wet and the cookies didn’t hold their shape well. So some of them turned out more like heartish shaped blobs, They still taste good though! I’m obsessed with wanting to buy every color and pattern of washi tape I see lately; they have an excellent selection of them at Mai Do in Santana Row. I had to limit myself to this super lovely aqua and white barber pole design.
Through all the changes in my life, the ups and the downs, my friends and family have been there for me. So to all of you, I LOVE YOU! Thanks for being you!

These pics were taken with my phone using the Instagram ap. 

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