Saturday, June 4, 2011

A lovely day with friends

Come and gone, the baby shower that is. We planned for weeks and weeks and it was a big success. It was a group effort as eleven friends came together and pooled our resources to throw our girlfriend a beautiful baby shower.  The goal was to use as much of what we already had as we could. It was a beautiful vintage shabby chic shower with fresh flowers from the yard and super yummy food.

 As many of us are experiencing, this rain threw a wrench into things. Originally the shower was supposed to be outdoors in a fabulous backyard but we had to move it indoors. Luckily the view was fantastic.

I made the bunting out of vintage fabrics that were my grandmother's. I have loved using small bits of it in projects since getting it. It's in my sisters quilt, my machine mat that I sew on, and some of the mug rugs I've made. It just has so much character.

 The vintage silverware was tied together with strips of my grandmother's vintage fabric

We used a combination of our teacup collections and china. I got my china out for the second time since getting it in 2006, a lot of it still had the stickers on the bottom. It's so pretty, I should get it out more often.

You may remember the super cute invitations and that the shower was to be a library shower. We did a great job of stocking the baby girl's library with a great range of books new and gently used.

The food was fantastic! We had crustless sandwiches, homemade blueberry scones with lemon curd, and honey apple butter, fresh fruit, salad and quinoa salad.

Desserts were fabulous cupcakes, tarts, and cobbler.

My pictures aren't great, I think I need a new camera. If anyone wants to buy me a DSLR and teach me how to use it, I won't argue! ;)

All in all it was a great shower, and incredibly impressive that eleven women came together to plan it without drama.

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Karen said...

Amy, it looks lovely. You all did a wonderful job and I'm sure Molly was super pleased. :)